There are few scenarios more emotional and more confusing than knowing when to consider memory support for a loved one. We understand that, and that’s why we developed a guide with some helpful tips and techniques that are designed to make the process just a little bit easier.  

At Legacy Pointe at UCF, as a Life Plan community, it’s our mission to care for seniors at every stage of life, including those living with dementia. And part of that care is working with the family and loved ones of residents throughout the process of considering memory support.  

We developed this helpful guide because we feel it’s so important not to wait too long to get help when you begin to see signs of dementia. While every individual is unique, symptoms can progress quickly, and it’s important to avoid a crisis situation that could be dangerous for your loved one and friends and family that spend time around them.  

To access our guide on when to consider memory support, just fill out the form below.  

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