Meet Ross and Mary Lynn Williams

When Mary Lynn and Ross heard about Legacy Pointe at UCF, they knew right away they wanted to be part of the community. It is no surprise the Williamses became the first depositors at the only university-based senior living community in Central Florida. But their story really goes back to their college days. They met at age 17, as college freshmen, and “loved everything about it,” according to Mary Lynn. “Everything we did in college is a very warm memory. I’m ready to go back anytime.”

The couple are already involved at UCF, through a program called LIFE: Learning Institute for Elders. The connection between the university and a senior living community immediately intrigued them. They loved the fact that so many UCF schools – Hospitality Management, Nursing, Medicine, Peforming Arts, Community Innovation and Education, and Health Professions and Sciences – are going to be actively involved in the community, and they’re intrigued by the idea of being able to easily interact with young people.

They already love taking advantage of activities, events and classes at UCF. The only problem is they have to drive so far to get there. They couldn’t help thinking that if they lived near the campus, they’d make the university the heart of their lifestyle – regularly going to plays, attending baseball and football games, and signing up for classes. Located adjacent to UCF, Legacy Pointe solves these challenges all at once. “We’re going to enjoy every minute of living there,” Ross says.

As avid travelers, the Williamses love to take cruises and get out and see the country as often as possible. They enjoy meeting new people and being exposed to new cultures and ideas. So the Rosen College’s educational tourism really appeals to them. Plus, they look forward to living among other Legacy Pointe residents who share their interest in academics and lifelong learning.

“We have a close-knit group of friends now. I’m hoping we have an even larger group at Legacy Pointe,” Mary Lynn says. “It’s important as you get older to continue to have a good time, going places and having friends who have interests similar to yours,” Ross adds. “Interacting with a diverse and energetic student population is an added bonus.”

Some of their friends had already begun to consider senior living communities when the couple heard about Legacy Pointe. The UCF connection was what first attracted them, but their interest solidified when they learned it would be a lifecare community, with access to long-term care right on the community campus. It is important that they remain close together, in case one of them requires advanced care some day. As Mary Lynn says, “Lifecare eliminates so many worries. It’s very comforting to know there will be cutting-edge care right here, and you’re not going to end up 20 miles from your spouse. You’re always going to be in the same community.”

Ross views the move to Legacy Pointe as a “win-win,” and they tell all their friends about it since making their decision. “We want everybody to know,” he says. “We’re not keeping it a secret, that’s for sure,” Mary Lynn says. And as the first to reserve their future home at Legacy Pointe, they are in a great position to share the news.