Reasons Families Choose Memory Care for Their Loved Ones

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While in-home care from family caregivers works for many older adults in the early stages of dementia, there typically comes a time when a higher level of care is required. 

Though many people picture drab, gray nursing homes of many decades past, modern memory care neighborhoods like the one at Legacy Pointe are the perfect place for older adults with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

If you’re a family caregiver, learn how memory care communities can benefit both you and your loved one with dementia. 

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care communities provide round-the-clock, specialized care for older adults with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Just as with assisted living, residents receive person-centered assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like getting dressed, bathing, using the bathroom, grooming, and moving around their environment.

Residents in assisted living are expected to manage their own time and reach out to their caregiver if they require additional assistance with daily tasks. People in a dementia care facility follow a structured schedule, tailored to their unique needs and receive 24/7 care from staff with dementia-specific training.

Senior care at Legacy Pointe is influenced by UCF’s Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, and UCF’s College of Health Professions and Science, which means your loved one will receive high-quality and innovative dementia care.

Daily Routines Offer Comfort and Reduce Anxiety

A 2021 study by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports found anxiety is present in nearly 40% of those with Alzheimer’s, and is especially present in older adults experiencing mild cognitive impairment. The study also found that anxiety can increase the progression of Alzheimer’s and promote aggressive behavior.

A daily routine is an important source of comfort for older adults with dementia. Even with the best intentions, it can be difficult for family caregivers who need time for their children or career to stick to a regular schedule.

Senior living communities have the staff, resources, and space to create a customized daily routine with just the right amount of variety for every resident. At Legacy Pointe, residents enjoy amenities and services tailored to their interests, while also benefiting from a familiar daily routine.

For example, many residents complete short chores throughout the day, while also engaging in activities like spending time in the garden, playing card games, enjoying live music, or experiencing the many benefits of pet therapy. 

Memory Care Is a Safe Space for Seniors Who Wander

Fading memories of familiar places and past routines can cause older adults with dementia to wander away from their home, which can lead to getting lost, falling, or suffering a life-threatening injury. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association states 60% of people with dementia will wander at least once. 

Wandering is not only dangerous; it also places a tremendous amount of stress on family caregivers. Dementia care in senior living communities like Legacy Pointe provides a secure and inviting environment for residents with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia that are designed to minimize wandering. 

Entrances and exits to our memory care neighborhood are secured with keypads and monitored 24/7. Outdoor gardens and courtyards are enclosed, and residences are comfortable, maintenance-free and easy for many residents to find on their own. 

Plus, there is always a member of our team available to calmly guide any wandering resident  back to their normal routine.

Dementia-Specific Dining Venues Provide Delicious and Nutritious Food

In the early and middle stages of dementia, a person can experience difficulty eating and maintaining nutrition for a variety of reasons. They could be easily distracted during mealtimes, think they’ve already eaten, have experienced a change in eating habits and food preferences, can’t see the food on their plate, or have experienced diminished abilities to taste, smell, or judge the temperature of food.

During the late stages of dementia, many older adults experience difficulty chewing, swallowing or moving cutlery from the plate to their mouth. This not only makes it tough to eat chewy, dry or sticky foods, it also makes mealtimes less enjoyable.

Getting meals just right can be tough for family caregivers. It’s difficult to make multiple meals for their loved one and other members of their family, and find the right combination of food that suits their loved one’s changing eating habits. 

Food at Legacy Pointe is delicious and presented in a way that looks appetizing. Dining venues are designed to help residents focus on eating, while also encouraging a little socializing with their friends. Staff with dementia-specific training provide just the right amount of assistance to ensure each person can enjoy their meal. 

In fact, a study by BMC Geriatrics found that person-centered nutritional care for seniors in memory care can improve how they eat and drink. 

Dementia Care Provides Peace of Mind to Family Caregivers

It takes a lot of work to provide a high-quality life for a loved one with dementia. Family caregivers are responsible for transportation, grocery shopping, managing medication, providing enriching activities, paying their loved one’s bills and coordinating in-home senior care services.

When they’re away from their loved one, many family caregivers constantly worry about their safety or feel guilty for enjoying personal time. 

Juggling a full schedule and coping with the stress of caregiving duties can lead to burnout, which can cause feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression. Caregiver burnout can also lead to physical health concerns like sleeplessness, poor nutrition and getting sick more often.

If you’re a family caregiver, memory care can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring your loved one with dementia is always safe and receiving the person-centered care they need to thrive, while also giving you more free time. You’ll be able to enjoy a flexible schedule, spend more time with your friends and other family members, and get more opportunities to enjoy the company of your loved one.

Experience the Benefits of Progressive Memory Care at Legacy Pointe

Our memory care community in Orlando, FL, accepts new residents directly. Contact our sales counselors online, or call us at 407-917-6418 to schedule a tour of Legacy Pointe and learn how we can provide a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment for your loved one.

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